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Business Owner

Small to medium enterprises (SME’s) struggle with banks and lenders who only have cookie-­cutter business solutions that aren’t always right for that business, especially unusual businesses. We want to change that.

We know business owners are time poor. We know you’re fed up at the time you’re comparing options and analysing all the T&C’s that come with each option. We are business finance brokers, or commercial lending brokers who do the hard work of sourcing the ideal funding opportunities for you. We give you this time back.

Today banks and lenders are implementing automation to offer services more quickly and cheaply. They’re also improving their profit margins, eliminating the personalised relationship that gives the funder the ability to holistically understand the business wants and needs. We are bridging this gap.

We’re the conduit between you and the funder. But we work for you alone, and choose products above and beyond the typical lending crowd. Simply, they must benefit your business or we don’t present it.

Finance to fuel your business:
Commercial Loans are loans set up to fund precisely what you need money for. You could be looking for money for:

  • Unexpected costs that come up (overdraft or line of credit facilities)
  • Refinance your current debts (term loans)
  • Getting much-needed office equipment (asset finance)

It doesn’t matter which type of loan you want, it’s got to fit your business and work in your favour, that’s it. We find those types of business loans.

Finance to grow your business:
Your business needs money to grow, and the choices available to you before were limited, to say the least. But things have changed, now the investor market is keen to invest in small to medium-sized enterprises. Whether it’s through capital raising, raising finance to meet your cash flow needs or equity financing by selling off a portion of your business to investors in exchange for funding your business, we’ll work with you to review and report an all­-inclusive picture of your business finances. It’s called benchmarking, and this helps us pitch to keen investors for funding.

Finance to purchase property:
Buying a new property and selling your current space? Looking to refurbish a new or existing property? Commercial property lending can be tricky. You might need funding to stop any money shortfalls between buying or selling a property, such as bridging loans or finance to spend on upgrading your current premises with redevelopment or refurbishment loans. Either way, we can help you out. There’s enough stress in moving or renovating your property anyway, so we’re here to make sure you go from start to finish without any financial hiccups.

Having the right insurance:
You run a business, you need insurance. Having the right insurance in place if unexpected things come up, and knowing your business can see through those tough times is what you want. Whether you need business risk insurance, which pays for your business costs whilst you are sick, or life insurance, knowing your family will be supported financially if something ever happened to you. The coverage you take should give you one thing: peace of mind.

See below a suite of services and options that we offer.