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Hey business owners, did you find yourself in a state of utter panic in the lead up to 30 June?

Business owners are typically time poor & are extremely busy keeping their business, and personal lives afloat. In fact, a vast majority of business owners are simply not prepared when the end of financial year hits. Right now is the time for business planning, tweaking of budgets, adding in some apps to streamline business process or write up some business goals.

Here are my 4 top recommendations to punch out before July 1 2019.

  1. Hack your business plan

You’re a business owner! You would know your business better than anyone else. You would be the best to judge what worked for you the previous year and what didn’t? Do you think you should be driving in a different direction? Or should you be flying instead? Do you need to spin up some marketing genius? Take a walk, reflect on the financial direction you are heading and remember, if you are not making any money… its not a business. Once you have your mind firmly set on the direction you need to be heading, get down to planning your business and execute the plan.

  1. Pay a visit to you long lost budget

It doesn’t matter who you are, without a budget to guide your spending you are like a ship without a rudder. The ATO has an awesome/free budgeting planner on their Money Smart website. Take a look at it, its highly recommended. Take a hard look at your expenditure, try to identify a handful of expenses that you can cull off, you will feel epic! If budgeting isn’t your strongest point, talk to your advisor/planner for some help.

  1. Glue some Tech to your business

Managing your business planning related to finances can be SO much easier thanks to a massive array of online/cloud/digital financial management tools. Xero provides businesses with easy to access tools which simplify book-keeping. The other tool which help businesses deliver better is Zapier, it provides easy access to connect various different web applications, making it uncomplicated to perform tedious tasks. The internet is filled with new technologies to help your business grow and perform better each time.

  1. Lock-in new Financial Goals

Goals! Without them you are screwed. Whether you are writing a business plan, prepping for a seminar, or writing down a list of prospective clients, the main thing is you are setting goals. You beed to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in order to achieve it. So get on with it, start brainstorming, write it down and action it.

These are the 4 simple recommendations to help you and your business to Grow.

Discover how to minimise risk, plan your finance efficiently and speed up your business loan approval.